May 8

Mother’s Day!

Hello on Sunday it’s Mother’s Day! Here is a quick craft if you forgot about Mother’s Day, it is a fast craft to make.


Here is how to make a nice painting thing for your mom.

(You might want to wear a smock, or an apron so the paint wont get on your shirt.)

1) First you need to pick some wood to paint on. Choose something that is easy to paint on, and has a flat surface.

2) Next you need to sand down the wood, so all edges are smooth. (The paint sticks better to the wood, and you don’t get splinters from it.)

3) Pick a design to do on the wood, do a design that is easy to paint for you, and it won’t take too much time.

4) Choose your paint colors, you might want to get colors that look nice with each other. (Also mix some colors to make cool colors.)

5) Paint a base coat on the wood.

6) Paint the sides the same color as the base coat so it looks nice.










































7) Paint the design you choose in any color.

Now you have a nice painting to give to your mom if you want. I hope you remembered Mother’s Day.


April 17

Birthday Crafts!

Hello today I am going to show you how to make, and paint a galaxy shell necklace.

The first step is to find a shell that’s not to heavy or big, but find one that is small and light.

The second step is to choose out the colors you would like to use to paint the shell with, so it looks nicer.

The third step is choosing your pattern, to make a galaxy shell you need to add very fine glitter to your paint, and use a sponge to apply the paint by dabbing it on the shell gently.

The third step is to get the string through the shell, first you find the bottom of the shell, (the part where it is not bumpy), and drill 2 holes that are parallel to each other, but not right next to each other. Then take your string, and thread it through the holes.

The last step is if you want you can add a pearl, by making a small ball out of air dry clay, and paint the ball after it drys with any color metallic paint that will stick to clay.

That’s it for this craft, you now have a necklace to wear, or give them out at a birthday party.


April 3

Spring Time!

Hello it is finally spring time, the weather is perfect to build a fairy garden. I have started building a fairy garden, first I went to Pintrest to look at some fairy gardens for ideas. Then I found a fairy garden that was made out of a bird bath.

You can pick a theme for your fairy garden if you want so it looks better. My theme is a spring because its spring time and fairy’s like spring things. In your fairy garden you need to have a home for the fairy, and plants.

I chose a design that you use a bird bath for the base, the first step is to clean out the bird bath so its not dirty then you need to chose your materials, and maybe a theme. Then build the house for the fairy so it has a place to stay, then find a place where you are going to put your fairy garden, then fill the bird bath with dirt, and if you want you can create a pond in the fairy garden. The next steps will come soon after I finish my fairy garden because I have just started it, and I will experiment putting things in, and what looks good.

March 19

Beach Stuff

Hello, Im back for Hatteras Island! Hatteras Island is a very cool place, it has tons of seashells!

There are lots of types of seashells like conch shells, oyster shells, clam shells, and scallop shells.

I had collected so many shells and my grandparents said chose a few but I said I don’t have time, we took all of them home.

Now I have lots of shells to paint because you can paint lots of different designs on shells because the paint sticks better to shells sometimes. And it makes the shells look cooler and you can paint then for decoration too!

The best shell to paint is the clam shell because it’s shape is really easy to paint on because it’s almost flat. And on clam shells you can paint a mini landscape on it.

You can use sharpies, acrylic paint, and spray paint to paint shells.

If you want a fading effect on your shells use spray paint and use only 3 colors that will blend very nicely and spray them on, starting with the lightest color down to the darkest color (then the mid color goes in the middle), and then take a little bit of white acrylic paint, and were the colors meet make the color on top fade into the next color, so it looks like they are connected, then do the bottom part, and your done!( You should spray paint a gloss finish on all of your shell you paint so the paint lasts longer.)

February 23

When it snows…

Hello today I am going to tell you about some crafts you can do when it snows and you are cold.


Just sit down near your fireplace and do this…


Craft 1: Take a roll of paper towels and take off 2 that are stuck together and fold it in half so it is like a square, fold it again in hald any way, and fold it one last time so it is a small square. Then rinse it in a bowl of water just a little bit, and take 2 or more markers that look good together and start doting them on the paper towel, and then rinse it under the water in the bowl very carfully and then the colors will blend a little and it will look like tie dye and you have a cool paper towel.


Craft 2: Take a sheet of cardstock and paint splotches of different colors with water color, and let that dry, and then cut the water colored sheet into little confetti pieces (you can cut the confetti into anything you want.) Then take a sheet of any color paper and start gluing the little confetti pieces to it, and you have a piece of paper that has confetti on it.

February 7

Wood Crafts for a Hamster!

Hello, today I am going to make some wood crafts for hamsters.

Step 1: Get some sticks that are not too think and not too skinny, and not to long or short, and then soak them in water for one day then flip them over, and wait one more day.

Step 2: Take a towel and put the sticks on it and then fold the towel in half so that the sticks dont show, and then wait one day for them to dry.

Step 3: Next get parent supervision and you can whitle the sticks so that none of the bark can be seen. Then you put it in water again for a day, then flip it over and wait another day and dry it.(Whittling is when you take a knife and basically carve the stick so you can only see the bark.)

Step 4: Take some coarse sandpaper and sand off the sticks one by one so they are smooth then again put the in water for one day and dry them again.

Step 5: Now you have some nice sticks, make little slits in the sticks so that the hamster has a easy part to climb on, and you can put the sticks in a little climbing area that i will make next time.

Now you have some sticks for a hamster to chew on or climb on or if you hamster is lazy like mine then just hide behind.

January 24

Valentines Day Crafts

Hello, today I am going to show you how to make a Hershey Heart! I need to talk to you all about chocolate, it is so delicious my favorite kind of chocolate is dark chocolate, but some people like milk chocolate or white chocolate. Here are 3 different kinds of chocolates white, milk, and dark chocolate. You can make many things out of chocolate.

To make a Hershey heart you will need: Origami paper, a pencil, scissors, mini milk chocolate Hershey bar, and scotch tape.


Step 1. Take your origami paper and fold it in half, then on the side that has the crease draw half a heart then cut it out. (Make sure that your heart is big.)


Step 2: After you cut out the heart, write To: and From: on one side of the heart, then on the back tape your Hershey bar on the other side, and write a nice message to go with you heart.


Now look what you have, you have a Hershey heart to give to your friends. What an amazing craft to make. I always make my crafts from scratch, you can try to do that just let your mind wander and imagine. Have fun making this craft!



January 10

Happy Holidays!!

Hello, did you all have a good Christmas? Today, I am going to talk about what Valentines Day means, and some things you can do for Valentines Day!

What Valentines Day means is for people to share their love and appreciation for others so they do nice things. I will make some crafts for Valentines Day.

So, right now, I’m going to show you how to make a love angel lollipop, let’s get to it.

You will need scissors, clear tape, origami paper, 1 lollipop, pencil, and sticky notes.

Step 1: Take your origami paper and fold it in half so that it becomes a triangle. Then take the right hand corner and fold it so that the corner touches the other side. Then do the same to the other side but keep the right one on.








Step 2: After that, take the top part and fold it over but you only need 1 side. Then, flip the cup over and do the same on the other side.

Step 3: Now you have an origami cup but you need to do more. The next step is to take a sticky note and fold it in half so that you have a rectangle. Then, trace half a heart on the side that has the crease not the side that is open. Then cut the paper heart out.









Step 4: So, now you have your paper heart. So, next you get your lollipop and clear tape. Take your paper heart and lollipop, and tape the lollipop in the middle of the heart, and you can even write a little message on it, then put it in the cup. Now you have a love angel lollipop!

December 19

Getting ready for Christmas!

It’s the time of year for Holiday Spirt, it’s Christmas time!Now lets talk about some holiday traditions,

  • The First Christmas tradition is people set out cookies and milk because Santa needs a break so he eats the cookie and then drinks the milk.

  • The second tradition is people make cards for each other because friends and family deserve something special so you can make them homemade cards.

  • The third tradition is people make hot chocolate when it is really cold outside and it gets them in a really good mood and sometimes they put ooey-gooey marshmallows in the cup.

  • The forth Christmas tradition is that people hang up stockings because Santa comes and puts little presents in them.

I hope you have a really good holiday, I hope you spread some Christmas joy and happiness, spend some time with your family, maybe sing some carols around your neighborhood, and have an awesome Christmas eve and day. Have a jolly Christmas!

December 6

Christmas Tree Time!

Hi and welcome back to my blog today we are going to be doing a Christmas craft, you can use this craft as an ornament or a decoration.

You will need 5 green and 1 yellow jumbo popsicle sticks, scissors, and wood glue.


Step 1: Cut the popsicle sticks into 1 long one, 1 long-medium, 1 medium, 1 medium-small, 1 small, you want them and lay them on the yellow stick and see if you need to re-cut them.


Step 2: Take all the other popsicle sticks off the yellow one and lay them in order on the side, then take the small one and use the wood glue to glue the small piece to the top of the yellow popsicle stick.

Step 3: After the glue drys take the medium-small piece and glue that about 1 cm below the small piece.

Step 4: Next after the glue drys you take the medium piece and glue that to about 1 cm below the medium-small piece.

Step 5: After that drys you take the long-medium piece and glue that to the yellow stick about 1 cm below the medium piece.

Step 6: Finally we can do the last part take the long piece and glue that to the yellow popsicle stick about 1 cm below the long-medium piece.

Finally we are done if you want you can put some stick on jewels to act as ornaments, we made a tree, you can use different colors if you want next time but you can hang this on your Christmas tree or use it as and ornament.